This project aims to enhance the perceived sociability, perceived safety, and user experience of autonomous vehicles in their interactions with pedestrians through affective communication.
The Citizen Voices in Cities (CiViC) dashboard uses big data mining algorithms to help local government authorities understand current trending issues in their local communities and to assess the long-term impact of urban projects.
We developed a tangible multi-display toolkit to support collaborative design explorations of AV-pedestrian interfaces.
An in-depth account of an autoethnography of compassion cultivation to offer a framework for training self-observation in HCI
We simulated a wearable AR pedestrian navigation application in virtual reality and explored the impact of different exocentric map displays on navigation performance and user experience.
Developing an evidence-based toolkit to integrate wellbeing psychology into design
We developed the “Light Shifting Display” – a novel type of low-resolution lighting display that presents real-time ambient information.
Exploring interactive soundscapes to guide and support mindfulness practice for novice practitioners.
Spatial navigation memory assessment in VR-CogAssess to detect pre-dementia
A framework for designing reflective experiences in virtual reality using theatre technique for design
Supporting clinical training and reflection on performance
Exploring experiences of emotional life using first-person methodologies and the development of the Inside-Out Probe Workbook as a tool.
This project investigates which simulation platforms and prototyping representations to use for evaluating interactions between autonomous vehicles and pedestrians.
Exploring motivation, wellbeing and prosocial behaviour of online volunteers in a medical education program
Reimagining the future of health through biodesign
The Neighbourhood Scoreboard project investigates the effect of public exposure of domestic energy usage on house facades.
An augmented reality concept to enhance the understandability of robot operation.
Exploring opportunities to co-design resources to support social-emotional learning
Public real-time visualisation of domestic electricity usage using interactive mechanical flip-dot displays.
Solstice LAMP activated the forecourt and the facade of the 125m tall AMP building at Sydney’s Circular Quay through an immersive multi-sensory installation.
Co-designing an interactive tool to help people come to reflect
Challenging notions of ageing and dominant paradigms in everyday technologies across the lifespan
TetraBIN explores how digital technologies can be used to motivate positive change in urban environments.
Developing resources to support tech workers investigate and mediate conversations about ethical tensions
Exploring player experience of need satisfaction using VR-Rides platform
Building on the notion of experience prototyping, we investigated how early concept explorations can be carried out in remote design exploration sessions.
Exploring design opportunities for using virtual reality technology to support self-managing of anxiety and pain
Woodie is a free-moving, chalk-drawing urban robot using the public space as a large canvas. Illuminated with UV lights, Woodie’s playground turns into a stunning visualisation.