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Ye Xu –
Kaho Ha –
Wangbei Shen – 

What is Sounzzingo?
Sounzzingo is a tailored fun training App for early school age children with Auditory Processing Disorder.

About Auditory Processing Disorder
According to Wikipedia, People with APD process the information they hear differently as others do, which leads to difficulties in recognizing and interpreting sounds, especially the sounds composing speech(2020). “In the U.S., it is estimated 5% of school-age children, or 2.5 million children, have APD.”(Hearing Health Foundation,2020).

Our solution:

There are three treatment approaches for individuals diagnosed with APD, often used concurrently, include the following (ASHA, 2005):

  1. Direct skills remediation (auditory training, “bottom-up”)
  2. Compensatory strategies (recruiting higher-order skills to help compensate for the disorder “top-down”)
  3. Environmental modifications (changing the learning or communication environment).

Sounzzingo falls in the catagorize of direct skill remediation plus compensatory strategies.

The Five core Games of Sounzzingo
The five games developed for Souzzingo were based on Merlot’s(2014) research of five problems associated with Auditory processing Disorder.

Clickable prototype
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