Good design needs good sound

The Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning has had a distinctive focus on sound and acoustics research for many decades. Sound Lab is a group that recognises diverse approaches to sonic research in architecture and design. Research foci include architectural and audio acoustics, creative audio and music, auditory display, listening/psychoacoustics, podcasting, and others. Research in sound interacts with the School’s postgraduate courses in design and architectural science.

The School’s acoustics facilities and audio studio provide substantial infrastructure to support research in sound. For example, research spaces focusing on sound include an anechoic room, a reverberant room, a retroreflective room, a 196-loudspeaker hemispherical array, a spatial audio studio, and the Indoor Environmental Quality lab. Extensive equipment supports fieldwork. Simulation-based research is supported by high performance computing infrastructure.


  • Peter Beringer (MPhil student)
  • Mr Liam Bray
  • Yuxiao Chen (PhD student)
  • Associate Professor Densil Cabrera (Lab coordinator)
  • Dr Clare Cooper
  • Reza Ghanavi (PhD student)
  • Adam Hannouch (PhD student)
  • Mr Jonothan Holmes (Technical officer)
  • Associate Professor Craig Jin (School of Electrical and Information Engineering)
  • Dr Shuai Lu
  • Dr Ella Manor (honorary)
  • Mary Rapp (PhD student)
  • Dr Dallas Rogers
  • Dr Manuj Yadav (honorary, also at RWTH University Aachen)

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