Prototyping new kinds of intelligent design materials, processes, and collaborators

Artificial Intelligence is reshaping the designed world, from fashion to architecture to digital products. The Designing with AI lab (DWAIL) explores three ways that intelligent systems can impact design: AI as a design material, AI in design processes, and AI as design collaborators.

Research into designing with AI-as-material explores how AI can be embedded into objects and services to provide new kinds of experiences. Research into designing with AI-as-processes explores new tools and workflows for AI-augmented design practice. Research into designing with AI-as-collaborator asks what the future of design would look like if machines could be credible partners in creative problem solving.  The lab draws on research in AI, HCI, computational creativity, and design cognition to propose and validate design-led intelligent systems.


  • Liam Bray
  • Shuyao Dai (PhD student)
  • Rob Dongas
  • Alex Elton-Pym (PhD student)
  • Dr Kazjon Grace (Lab coordinator)
  • Brittany Klaassens (PhD student)
  • Geoffrey Lazarus (PhD student)

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