Digital Scribe

Currently, general practitioners (GPs) spend more than 50% of their time documenting clinical encounters rather than patient care. In this project we aim to design an Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistant that would listen to doctor-patient conversations during consultations and automatically generate summary notes. We performed three user research and evaluation methods: a contextual investigation of doctor-patient technology relationships at consultation rooms, a series of co-design workshops, and a “Wizard of Oz” (WoZ) study to test different collaboration models between GPs and AI.

Study 1: A contextual investigation of doctor-patient technology: We observed over 30 primary care consultations, and the doctor-patient conversations were transcribed and analysed. The outcomes suggest that consultation activities are fragmented and flow in a non-linear way.

Study 2: We conducted three co-design workshops with 16 GPs. The outcomes included design considerations for future AI-enabled consultations.

Study 3: We performed Five WoZ experiments to evaluate 5 different types of doctor-AI interaction models. The outcomes included the suitability of different interaction models for different consultation activities. 

  • Dr A. baki Kocaballi
  • Dr Kiran Ijaz
  • Liliana Laranjo
  • Juan C Quiroz
  • Dana Rezazadegan
  • huong Ly Tong
  • Simon Willcock
  • Shlomo Berkovsky
  • Enrico Coiera
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